Internet Technologies Consulting

Software Requirement & Planning

What do you expect from your web site online? What the purposes are in first line of your internat acivity and/or business? What are your aims according to the site?

This and may others questions we will help to answer. We help to modell your business processes in the relation to your web.

Complete analysiss of existing site, re-structuring and re-development proposes will help you to make a right coice in your business.

Our experience in IT technologies will serve by selecting the proper tool for your needs and costs. Hardware and software selecting are done according to each client needs and possibilities.

Each our project starts from requirements definition. Development and implementation plans are maintained and analysed by experts.

Database design and performance analysis

A lot of experience in databases expluatation allow us to make database design according to planed usage and future data size. Modelling are done using professional tools and methodologies.

We produce also live web site and/or database performance analysis. Redevelopment or/and reconfiguration propositions follows.

Support & Training

The common practice of our business is to help our client by software implementation and expluatation.

According to client wishes we are installing and implement third party software on client's hosting server.

Each software development process included help support and user training if needed.We supports our products free of charge and time unlimited.

According to client wishes we have to perform additional training courses for employees.


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