Banner Design

Your banner can bring traffic to your web site by promoting your product or services in an appealing manner. Not only can we design custom logos, banners, and animated gifs, but you can really personalize your product by adding custom icons, toolbars, buttons, and graphics. We can design any icon or graphic that you may need to really make your product stand out above the rest.

What you'll need to know about banner design

One of the most important factors of banner design is banner phrase. It should be "short and sweet". It should grab attention right away. We normally pick a phrase based on the contents of your website. Some of you may already have put a lot of thought in your phrase and it is okay to include this info on the order form. Please note: Better one effective line than the whole banner crowded with one will read it. So don't go crazy and write a book.... ;)

A 12Kb banner will look better then a 9Kb banner, so the byte size of a banner will make a big (huge) difference in the look of the final design. You can do so much more with just a few bytes more.

Banner ordering

Custom Static Banners
Send us your logo or other graphic and your preferred ad copy. We'll design a clean, professional static banner ad to your specifications. Also you can locate a suitable graphic or write the ad copy.

Custom Animated Banners
Your animated banner will be unique ... with your logo, images, and copy. These banners are generally the standard 468x60 and 100X100 pixel, less than 10K type of banner used by the free banner exchanges and for paid advertising with search engines like Yahoo, Excite, and Lycos.

Don't know what copy will work for your ad? Then you may need to contract the WebForge design service. We will integrate the best graphics, original copy, and proven advertising techniques into an effective, attention-grabbing animated banner ad that works!

Tell us your general idea, purpose, and target audience and we will unite your genius to ours to create a truly original and effective banner design. Animated banners of this caliber usually employ more complicated animation techniques and are used for paid advertising where larger file size (up to about 25K) is allowed.

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