Multimedia design

WebForge creates engaging and functional presentations, product demo and animations that educate, inform and entertain. We use the latest in Flash and multimedia design to create powerful and persuasive experiences that maximize your exposure and reinforce your messaging. Yet, we also have the experience to know when you shouldn't use Flash animation and guide its use to where it will be the most effective.

Flash sites, animations and banners

Macromedia Flash is the leading vector technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth Web sites that attract, engage, and retain site visitors - providing a richer, more compelling Web experience.
Want to add some spark and style to your website? Flash is the way to go! Intro flash movie is used to create a strong first impression and set a stylistic tone for a web site.
The use of Flash in your web site can make the difference - with your ideas and our realization it's possible!

CD Presentations

An interactive multimedia CD-ROM engages and involves your business associates like never before, creating the strongest possible impression of your product's value. A presentation can provide charts, graphs, video, animation and graphics. Animated visuals, original soundtracks and hands-on information will stay fresh in the minds of your customers much longer than a brochure. Allow your customers to dynamically interact with your company through your Marketing Presentation on the Web. Interaction encourages the building of relationships. Trusting relationships encourage sales. Our team provides the latest Dynamic HTML, Flash & Streaming media for you to achieve success. Your presentation can be burned to CD, mini-CD or even a business card shaped CD, perfect for mailing, carrying with you, or even handing out as promotional items at live broadcasts.

Digital Business Cards

A Business Card CD-ROM is an ideal solution for trade shows handouts, direct mailings or face-to-face contact. It is a great replacement for traditional business cards that add impact to your business presentation and image.

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