eBusiness Solutions

Custom solution for your store

WebForge has developed a number of custom online business oriented applications. Our clients get the opportunity to sell different goods by using various included extra properties. We help by:

»building flexible product listing and detailed product presentation
»adaptive search for products by a variety of features and properties
»product bidding systems
»effective price negotiation system
»setting delivery and shipping systems
»various online payment options, including check handling, PayPal accounts, etc.
»referral marketing systems


Powerful reliable and secure web based administrative part of the store will serve your staff in effective management of orders, goods and client data processing.


For live examples please refer to our portfolio.

Payment system implementation

We have a work experience with a number of popular payment systems worldwide. Some great examples are:



Your store may handle various online payment options and systems, multicurrencies, check handling, PayPal accounts and more.

We are acquainted with online payments technologies and may consult you if you are still not decided.


Do you have sequrity questions? Our clients are provided with all information we have about used services.

Financial data analysis

The essential part of each business is analysis of financial data. Usually ready to use store solutions do not containing any tool for doing this - which is their main disadvantage. Our solutions go with analytical reporting tool which is customised to needs of each specific client. We may extend these tool to include more functionality on your request.


Our products' standard feature is also export/import facility to MS Office applications (MS Excel, MS Access). So, if you prefer to work with your usual program, you will be able to transfer data between it and administrative part of your web store.  

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