Do the Web Programming as a Professional

Web development on professional level

Development of custom web software is our business and life style. We are working with many of clients worldwide. We offer personalized highly customizable and modular web software which is easy to use, support and maintain. We are working with many of modern technologies, modeling, planning and programming tools.

Project development cycle

All project we are working on are coming through common manufacturing cycle and provided with appropriate documentation.

We produce our software according to end-around development model which include several cycles of the same stages. These stages are:

»business modeling
»definition of requirements
»analysis & technical design
»graphical design & coding
»testing, quality assurance

We are using several modeling, planing and project workflow controlling tools to stay within scheduled time and to provide our clients with maximum information about the project development process.

Areas of our competence:

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Custom solutions

CMS Typo3
Technologies & Tools
Languages & technologies
Design and Version Control Tools
Operating Systems

Custom solution for your store
Payment system implementation
Financial data analysis

IT Consulting
Software Requirement & Planning
Database Design and Performance Analysis
Support & Training

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